Uncertain situation synonym? (2023)

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What are synonyms for difficult situation?

  • crisis. noun. an urgent, difficult, or dangerous situation.
  • battle. noun. a situation in which someone is trying very hard to deal with a difficult situation.
  • nightmare. noun. an extremely difficult or frightening situation.
  • ordeal. noun. ...
  • trouble. noun. ...
  • hell. noun. ...
  • tragedy. noun. ...
  • quagmire. noun.

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What is the meaning of uncertain situation?

a situation in which something is not known, or something that is not known or certain: Nothing is ever decided, and all the uncertainty is very bad for staff morale.

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What do you call an unexpected situation?

out of the blue, unanticipated, unforeseen, unlooked-for. not anticipated. unhoped, unhoped-for, unthought, unthought-of.

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What is a better word for Unsure?

synonyms for unsure
  • distrustful.
  • dubious.
  • hesitant.
  • indecisive.
  • mistrustful.
  • shaky.
  • skeptical.
  • suspicious.

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How do you describe a difficult situation?

Begin by describing the difficult task and laying the groundwork to provide context. Then, explain the problem. Discuss your job and responsibilities before going into how they relate to the challenge. Next, detail the steps you took to address the difficult situation before describing the results of your actions.

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What is the definition of difficult circumstances?

2 not easy to understand or solve; intricate. a difficult problem.

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What are 3 synonyms for uncertain?

synonyms for uncertain
  • ambiguous.
  • ambivalent.
  • dubious.
  • erratic.
  • hazy.
  • hesitant.
  • insecure.
  • precarious.

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What is a synonym for uncertainty event?

Some common synonyms of uncertainty are doubt, dubiety, mistrust, skepticism, and suspicion.

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What are the 3 types of uncertainty?

Uncertainty is sometimes assigned to three broad categories: aleatory, epistemic and ontological uncertainty.

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What is a synonym for suddenly and unexpectedly?

unawares. adverbwithout warning; suddenly. aback. abruptly. accidentally.

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What is a synonym for shocking incident?

1 staggering, astounding, startling, appalling.

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What is an unplanned event called?

spontaneous. spur-of-the-moment. toss off. toss out. unplanned.

Uncertain situation synonym? (2023)
How do you say unsure professionally?

Try one of these instead:
  1. I'm not sure, but I'll find out and let you know.
  2. I'll find out.
  3. I'll look into it and get back to you with what I find.
  4. That's a good question and I want to get you the right information. Let me get back to you by end-of-day.
Sep 18, 2019

What's another word for not sure about something?

To be uncertain is to be unsure of something. Also, uncertain things are undecided, unknown, or doubtful in some way.

What to say when you are not sure about something?

Ways of saying you are not sure - thesaurus
  • perhaps. adverb. used for saying that you are not certain about something, or that something may or may not be true.
  • maybe. adverb. ...
  • presumably. adverb. ...
  • reportedly. adverb. ...
  • rumour/word/legend has it that. phrase. ...
  • it/that depends. phrase. ...
  • not that I'm aware of. phrase. ...
  • I dare say. phrase.

When a situation is complicated?

If you say that something is complicated, you mean it has so many parts or aspects that it is difficult to understand or deal with.

How do you say terrible situation?

bad trip
  1. bad scene.
  2. bum trip.
  3. bummer.
  4. disaster.
  5. downer.
  6. drag.
  7. freak-out.
  8. unhappy situation.

What are 2 synonyms for circumstances?

synonyms for circumstance
  • accident.
  • action.
  • case.
  • cause.
  • coincidence.
  • crisis.
  • detail.
  • event.

What does unknown circumstances mean?

Deaths under unknown circumstances, whenever there are no witnesses, or where little or no information can be found concerning the deceased.

What does ambiguous circumstances mean?

If you describe something as ambiguous, you mean that it is unclear or confusing because it can be understood in more than one way.

What word means doubtful or uncertain?

debatable, dicey, dubious, hazy, indecisive, insecure, precarious, problematic, suspicious, uncertain, undecided, uneasy, unsettled, unstable, unsure, hesitant, puzzled, skeptical, tentative, unconvinced.

What is an adjective for uncertain?

not definite or decided synonym unclear It is uncertain what his role in the company will be. not confident synonym hesitant The baby took its first uncertain steps.

What other phrases can you use when expressing uncertainty?

It's deciding that's the hard part because you're always gonna have two options right, two or more options.
  • toing and froing. So this expression is a really useful one when someone is going from this to this to this. ...
  • (to be) in two minds. ...
  • (to) put feelers out. ...
  • (to be) in a quandary. ...
  • (to) sleep on it.
Jul 2, 2020

What is Event uncertainty?

Uncertainty in events is uncertainty regarding either the occurrence of an event, or uncertainty regarding the data values associated with an event. This uncertainty is a result of a gap between the actual occurrences of events in the real world, and the availability of knowledge regarding the events.

What's a synonym for tentative and uncertain?

adj.conditional, experimental. adj.indefinite, uncertain.

What does facing uncertainty mean?

Uncertainty is often centered on worries about the future and all the bad things you can anticipate happening. It can leave you feeling hopeless and depressed about the days ahead, exaggerate the scope of the problems you face, and even paralyze you from taking action to overcome a problem.

What is an example of state of uncertainty?

For example, if it is unknown whether or not it will rain tomorrow, then there is a state of uncertainty.

What are the 2 categories of uncertainty?

1. Factual uncertainty is uncertainty about the actual world; about the way things are – the facts. 2. Counterfactual uncertainty is uncertainty about non-actual worlds; about the way things could or would be if things were other than the way they are – the counterfacts.

What is a stronger word than difficult?

ambitious, arduous, burdensome, challenging, crucial, demanding, laborious, onerous, painful, problematic, severe, strenuous, tough, troublesome, complex, confusing, delicate, grim, intractable, backbreaker.

What are the 5 synonyms of difficult?

synonyms for difficult
  • ambitious.
  • arduous.
  • burdensome.
  • challenging.
  • crucial.
  • demanding.
  • laborious.
  • onerous.

What is a word for a stressful situation?

adjectiveunder stress, pressure. agitated. anxious. apprehensive.

What is a word for a difficult and painful experience?

1 distressing, torturing, agonizing, tormenting, excruciating. 2 arduous.

What do you call a problem that Cannot be solved?

In planning and policy, a wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.

What is another word for difficult or intricate?

Some common synonyms of intricate are complex, complicated, involved, and knotty.

What is the meaning of extremely difficult?

: hard to do, make, or carry out : arduous.

How do you say something is difficult?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:
  1. It's not so easy..
  2. It's a bit tricky..
  3. It's not the easiest ___ in the world..
  4. It's quite tough at times..
  5. It's (quite / a bit) hard going..
  6. It's nigh on impossible..
  7. The course is quite demanding.
  8. The course can be gruelling at times.

What word means a time of intense difficulty trouble or danger?

trouble or danger." It can also be an event for a.

What is a synonym for mentally difficult?

Stressful: Mentally difficult; causing stress. Stubborn: Difficult to treat or deal with.

How do you say you're stressed professionally?

You can talk about the feeling of being stressed by saying you are stressed out or wound up. These are both quite informal expressions so if you want to be more formal, you can say you are under a lot of pressure/stress.

What is another word for extreme stress?

8 anxiety, burden, pressure, oppression; effort, exertion, struggle, strain.

What is a fancy word for stressed out?

What is another word for stressed out?
232 more rows

What is a synonym for adverse situation?

1 hostile, inimical, unfriendly. 2 unfavorable; unlucky, unfortunate; disastrous, calamitous, catastrophic. See synonyms for adverse on Thesaurus.com.

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