Why is PoPo disrespectful? (2023)

What does the slang term Popo mean?

Noun. po-po (countable and uncountable, plural po-pos) (colloquial, somewhat derogatory, countable) Synonym of police officer. quotations ▼ (colloquial, somewhat derogatory, uncountable) Synonym of police.

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Why do we call cops pigs?

Police have been called ''pigs'' since the early 19th century, simply because it is insulting in nature. People had been referred to as pigs for centuries prior to it becoming part of the slang for law enforcement. It was first noted in an 1811 dictionary on slang that was written in Great Britain.

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Who came up with Popo?

Mr. Popo was initially envisioned by series creator Akira Toriyama as a reptilian humanoid with a chicken-like beak that had several variant designs, including one sketch with curly hair, though all of which were ultimately discarded.

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Why do they call the popo 12?

The term 12 in connection to a police officer was first used in a television show in the 1960s and 1970s. The show itself was known as Adam-12. It was based on a police drama storyline that featured how the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) carried out their daily activities.

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Why are cops called cops?

The term copper was the original word, used in Britain to mean "someone who captures". In British English, the term cop is recorded (Shorter Oxford Dictionary) in the sense of 'to capture' from 1704, derived from the Latin capere via the Old French caper.

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Why do they call cops five O?

From the police procedural television series Hawaii Five-O (first aired in 1968), so named because it is set in Hawaii, which is the 50th U.S. state.

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Why are police called old bill?

Old Bill became the nickname for the Met police following the Great War after the fashion for wearing moustaches that looked very like the soldier cartoon character Old Bill, by George Bairnsfather.

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Why are police called Smokey?

Smokey: A term for law enforcement personnel, derived from an association of the style of hat worn by some state troopers with the one worn by Smokey the Bear.

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What did Topo Gigio say?

Gigio ended his weekly visits by crooning to the host, "Eddie, kiss me goodnight!" (pronounced as "Keesa me goo'night!").

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How do you say police in Cantonese?

警察 (ging2 caat3) police officer (noun)

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Where is the Popo from?

Popo is a foamy and cold drink typical in the south of the state of Veracruz and some areas of the state of Oaxaca, like the basin of Papaloapan or Istmo.

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What does 10 four mean?

What does 10-4 mean? Roger that! 10-4 is a way of saying “message received” in radio communications. It's also used as a way to “you got it.”

Why is PoPo disrespectful? (2023)
What does 12 mean in slang?

Police are called 12 as a slang term. According to sources, 12 comes from the police radio code “10-12,” which means that visitors are present in the area where police are going. It's similar to a warning to police that they might have company when they arrive on the scene.

What does COP stand for slang?

A cop is an informal term for a police officer. As a verb, cop is used in a variety of slang expressions meaning “grab” or “obtain,” from copping a feel on someone (not recommended) to copping out on going to a party (= not going) to copping to (confessing to) eating the last slice of pizza.

What does COP in COP stand for?

COP26 was the 2021 United Nations climate change conference

For nearly three decades the UN has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits – called COPs – which stands for 'Conference of the Parties'.

Why are there bike COPs?

Bicycle patrols are often assigned to locations that police cars cannot access and that officers could not effectively cover on foot, such as dense urban areas, pedestrian zones, and public parks.

What does 5 o mean in Hawaii?

The series' title actually was an homage to Hawaii being the 50th state of the U.S.A. Hawaii Five-O used the numerals as the fictional police division on the show. Over the year, the term came to be used as code for police in general.

Is there a five O in Hawaii?

First appearance. The Hawaii Five-0 Task Force is a government task force in Hawaii which was created by Governor Patricia Jameson in an attempt to rid the Hawaiian Islands of crime, corruption and murder as well as any and all threats of terrorism.

Where did five-0 come from?

The term originates from the 1960's-70's television show "Hawaii Five-0," about an elite force of police in the 50'th state, hence 5-0. On the show the cops would announce themselves, saying "police, five o!" And from there the term became widely adopted as a way to announce the presence of police.

What are cops called in England?

In Britain today all policemen are commonly referred to as 'Bobbies'! Originally though, they were known as 'Peelers' in reference to one Sir Robert Peel (1788 – 1850). Today it is hard to believe that Britain in the 18th century did not have a professional police force.

What did they call police in the 1700s?

In colonial America during the 1600s and 1700s, there were four primary policing entities: constables, watches, slave patrols, and sheriffs. constable: The first appointed law enforcement officers in colonial America. They often organized and supervised the watch.

What did they call cops in the 1920s?

The fuzz, slang for the police, is from 1929, while cop a plea is from 1925.

What do truckers call cops?

The bear den, like most bear slangs in the trucker terms, the word bear is referring to police officers.

Why are cops clean shaved?

Another reason that police officers are required to keep a clean-shaven face is for a professional appearance. On the job, cops want to look neat and respectable. The public could view officers with beards as unkempt. Appearances and safety are two of the main reasons police officers are required to shave.

What is the 5 O?

Five-O, an American slang term for law enforcement.

Why does Santa say Topo Gigio?

When Scott Calvin is giving alternative names for Santa Claus to the police officer in the interrogation scene, Scott imitates Ed Sullivan when he says the last name, "Topo Gigio", which is not a name for Santa, but actually the name of a small Italian mouse puppet that appeared many times on The Ed Sullivan Show (1948 ...

How was Topo Gigio manipulated?

He was bowled over by the technology. Gigio was state-of-the-art. Unlike other marionettes at the time, Gigio was controlled by wands, not strings, a precursor of Jim Henson's Muppets. Three expert puppeteers, garbed in black hoods and black velour jump suits, operated Gigio with their own hands and three-inch rods.

Who invented Topo Gigio?

Maria Perego, an Italian puppeteer and the creator of Topo Gigio, the lovable mouse who became famous to American audiences as a frequent guest on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in the 1960s and early '70s and was known worldwide, died on Thursday in Milan.

What is SWAT called in China?

Beijing Special Weapons and Tactics

What does Fok mean in Cantonese?

Fu character (pronounced "fook", in Cantonese), the Chinese character Fú 福 meaning "good fortune" or "happiness"

How do you say boyfriend in Cantonese?

男朋友 (naam4 pang4 jau5) boyfriend (noun)

Is Popo a boy?

Origin. Ice Climber was one of the first NES games that allowed for two people to play simultaneously. Its playable characters are a pair of mountaineers wearing color-coded parkas: a male in blue named Popo, and a female in pink named Nana.

Why is there a blue Mr. Popo?

Blue Popo was a censorship idea done by the infamous 4Kids. In which any scene involving Mr. Popo would have the blackened character's skin changed to a noticeable blue due to concerns of him being viewed as a racist caricature.

How old is Mr. Popo?

Mr. Popo was born in the Other World at some point in the distant past. Sometime later, he was sent to Earth to become the attendant to each successive Guardian of the planet. By the time of Dragon Ball Z, Popo was over 1,000 years old.

What does 10 15 mean?

10-15 Prisoner in custody.

What do 10 8 mean?

In service

What does 88 mean while texting?

(slang, text messaging, Internet slang) bye-bye.

What does 13 mean in slang?

The letter M, being the 13th letter of the alphabet, often is said to stand for marijuana or motorcycle. Generally, it is assumed someone wearing a 13 patch is either a user of marijuana or other drugs, or is involved with the sale of them. The M also has been known to stand for "methamphetamine".

What does 16 mean in slang?

The slang term “16” (also spelled sixteen) is a noun which is used by a lot of musicians, writers, and rappers to represent a 16 bars in a verse. When rappers talk about spitting a “hot 16” or “16 bars” they are referring to a verse, which sometimes is also over and under 16 bars.

What does the slang term old bill mean?

Old Bill (uncountable) (Britain, slang, law enforcement) A police officer. (British slang, frequently with the) The police force.

What does Bill mean in Old English?

[bird's beak] Old English bill "bill, bird's beak," related to bill, a poetic word for a kind of sword (especially one with a hooked blade), from Proto-Germanic *bili-, a word for cutting or chopping weapons (see bill (n. 3)). Used also in Middle English of beak-like projections of land (such as Portland Bill).

What did the bill used to be called?

The programme originated from a one-off drama, Woodentop, broadcast in August 1983. The programme focused on the lives and work of one shift of police officers, rather than on any particular aspect of police work.

What happened to policing bill?

On 22 March, the House of Lords once again rejected the proposed legislation and demanded that the restrictions on protests be removed, sending the bill back to the House of Commons. On 26 April 2022, the House of Lords passed the bill by 180 votes to 133. On 28 April 2022, the Act received Royal Assent.


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